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The plastic shopping bag causes white environmental pollution

Date:2020/10/13 17:23:10 Read:69

The plastic shopping bag causes white environmental pollution

         White Pollution is an epithet for the phenomenon of Pollution by difficult-to - degrade plastic waste, often referred to as plastic bags. It refers to the phenomenon that all kinds of domestic plastic products made of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other high molecular compounds are discarded as solid waste after being used. Due to random throwing, it is difficult to degrade and treat, which damages the environment and causes serious pollution.


         The main sources of white pollution are food packaging, plastic foam filling packaging, fast food boxes, agricultural film and so on.
White pollution is a special environmental pollution in Chinese cities. A large number of discarded plastic products can be seen everywhere in various public places. They come from industry and are made by human beings. From the point of view of saving resources, as the main source of plastic products is facing the depletion of petroleum resources, we should try to recover as much as possible, but because the current production cost of recovery is far higher than the direct production cost, it is difficult to do in the current market economy conditions. Faced with the increasingly serious problem of white pollution, people can use paper bags.

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