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How are food packaging bags produced

Date:2020/11/2 17:18:41 Read:62

How are food packaging bags produced

In daily life, a variety of beautiful food packaging bags can be seen everywhere, people use food packaging bags more and more frequently. So, do you know how food packaging is made? Let's see.

The production process of food packaging is as follows: packaging design - copper plate production - cloth printing - composite packaging bag cutting.

It is mainly divided into these five parts
1. Packaging design: This is to design the layout of food packaging bags according to the requirements of the food company, that is, the pattern of food packaging bags. A good layout of food packaging can increase product sales.

2. Making copperplate: According to the confirmation of food packaging bag design, making copperplate for food packaging printing machine.

3. Format printing: The prepared copper plate is installed on the food packaging printing machine and printed according to the first layer of material confirmed by the food company. Because a food bag usually consists of three layers of material. Printing, on the other hand, requires only one layer of the printed surface. There is no difference between printed renderings and design drawings.

4 composite: the so-called composite is to stick two kinds of materials together, and the ink surface stuck between the two layers of material.

5. Bag making cutting: Bag making cutting is done in one machine. When the materials are composite, they are placed on a bag-making machine. After debugging the food bag making machine, the material of food bag can be heated sealed according to the adjusted size. Finally, cut the bag according to the size. Automatic bag-making to bag-cutting.

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