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What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

Date:2020/11/20 14:28:00 Read:58

What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

In the process of producing paper bags, three factors should be considered: what kind of paper to choose; what size is it? The paper bag itself has its own particularity.

paper bag machine

Take our common handbag as an example: its size is usually determined according to the size of the object. The size is composed of length * width * height. The commonly used specifications are split, three or four open, each of which is also large cup or positive cup.

Let's choose what kind of paper, paper usually choose coated paper, such as 157G, 200g. If you are packing heavy goods, you can choose more than 300g coated paper, and some special paper printing, which requires strengthening the hardness of paper bag film. In terms of patience, kraft paper, patience, is increasingly used in the production of packaging bags.

Finally, there are some special requirements for handbags. After the paper bag is made by the paper bag mechanism, it is processed and pressed, and then the wear-resistant rope is glued to the box. In order to increase the tensile strength of the handbag, it is necessary to strengthen the rivets at the rope hole.

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