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Know a paper bag making machine from the details

Date:2020/12/2 15:08:06 Read:85

Know a paper bag making machine from the details

Wenzhou Changyin Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional paper bag machine manufacturer.(Such as :Adjustment type :Adjustment, CY-400 High Speed Food paper bag Making machine, cy-450 Middle Sealing paper bag Making. Machine, CY-180 Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine) We have nearly twenty years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing., Advanced technology.

Paper bag making machine brings together the most advanced technology of the paper bag machine at home and abroad. On the basis of automatic paper absorption, automatic gluing, automatic paste and automatic output products, the single sheet paper bag machine has overcome the two major technical difficulties of automatic strengthening paste and finished products without indentation.

Paper bag making machine can be directly produced using printed sheet - fed, laminated film or web. It has the characteristics of stable production, low noise, high yield, fast production speed, simple operation, easy control and automatic alarm, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the production of portable paper bags, shopping bags and square-bottom food bags.

Paper bag making machine is combined with the hand press and printing machine to form a set of complete paper bag production line, which can be made of white cardboard, white board paper, copper paper, kraft paper, and a small amount of special paper. Because of the opening style, the name of paper bag appears, and some paper bags are hand-rolled.

Paper bag making machine mainly produces clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, wine bags. Different uses, the design of the size of the specifications, including the thickness of paper bags have a lot of requirements, so to customize according to the actual situation, to achieve twice the result with half the effort, economic and applicable purposes, to reduce material saving, green environmental protection, enterprise capital investment, to provide more protection.

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