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Judge whether the square bottom paper bag machine technology is advanced or not

Date:2020/12/25 11:57:50 Read:80

Judge whether the square bottom paper bag machine technology is advanced or not

The square bottom paper bag machine has the advantages of fast speed, high production efficiency and wide adjustment range. Automatic feeding, automatic error correction system, tension control, all these operating procedures are controlled by PLC is the production of food paper bags and other paper bags the ideal equipment. Then how to judge whether the square bottom paper bag machine technology is advanced or not?

1. Proactively deal with problems. It is assumed that defects present an active diagnosis and treatment system. The implementation of this function can reduce the time and labor cost of cleaning defects and personnel training costs, and reduce some cases of operation suspension due to minor defects.

2. Strong interconnection. To facilitate and quickly end the communication between the single machine, so that the single machine connected into the whole line, but also can facilitate and quickly end the single machine or the whole line and the upper monitoring system to end the monitoring, accounting and analysis of the packaging line power, power consumption and other policies.

3. Safe, energy saving and environmental protection. This includes maintaining the personal safety of equipment operators and commodity consumers to the maximum extent possible, reducing the consumption of power as much as possible, and selecting appropriate skills to minimize the adverse environmental impact of production processes.

4. High precision, high speed and high efficiency, production and development. Equipment can not only high speed and stable operation, but also as far as possible to reduce the abnormal production time, which is the most direct way of traveling power.

5. Increased flexibility. The type and packing method of the goods to be packed can be changed only by using the single data and simply operating on the same packing machine. This function is very useful for small batches and many types of market needs.

In the company to do a good job in pre-sales and after-sales service at the same time, also want to do a good job in the grasp of the technical core, in each industry demand for packaging machinery is increasing year by year at the same time, China's packaging machinery will better meet the needs of many industries.

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