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Maintenance and use of paper bag machine equipment

Date:2021/1/12 11:28:17 Read:81

Maintenance and use of paper bag machine equipment

Paper bag machine often have problems and we need to understand the cause of these problems. There is an error in the length of bag cutting, so we need to lock the cots, and then check whether the film is stuck in the cots. Second, we need to observe whether the feed speed is too high. If it is too high, it is necessary to reduce the feed speed in time.

paper bag machine equipment

1. There is an error in cutting bag length of paper bag machine, such as long or short.

2. The bag mouth sealing of the bag machine is not firm or the side is firm.

3. The bag conveyor belt of the bag machine is not neat, and the material collection is disorderly.

Paper bag machine equipment maintenance

1. The equipment should often clean the sundries in the electrical box. The four corners of the equipment should be blown clean with air gun to keep the whole machine clean
2. Hot blade slider and hot blade rod. Water knife slider, punching machine and transmission chain should be lubricated regularly, usually 1-2 times every 10 hours

3. The equipment must be strictly grounded to prevent electric leakage from injuring the body. The hot knife heater wiring should be frequently checked to see if there is looseness.

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